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Elee Kraljii Gardiner and guest author Michael Turner are hosting an evening of social writing with members of Thursdays Writing Collective as part of the Heart of the City Festival on November 4th, 2010. All writers and non-writers, jokers, thinkers and passersby are welcome.


Join us for an evening of creative liberation!


Write to the City: Adventures in Social Writing

Thursday, November 4, 2010

8:30-10pm, Brickhouse Bar, 730 Main St.

Entry is free, everyone welcome!

Numbers, acronyms, forms: how can we repurpose these constraints and social controls into an act of creative liberation? In 90 minutes of writing prompts, pencil-chewing and laughter we will push the phrases and numbers that determine how we navigate Vancouver into a creative realm.

The evening, held in a community atmosphere at the Brickhouse Bar, will question the right to move freely through the city and explore the barriers we have come to accept. Do we recognize to what extent we are determined by constraints, architecture and the urban plan? How can we leverage restrictive regulations to open creative discovery and change the way we experience civic space? Pencils and paper will be supplied and participants will have the opportunity to share their writing.

Guest Michael Turner is a Vancouver-based author of fiction, criticism and song. His books include Hard Core Logo, The Pornographer’s Poem and most recently 8×10. He blogs at this address: http://mtwebsit.blogspot.com/

Thanks to David Cooper and Heart of the City for the photo shoot!


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